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"There is just tremendous amount of craftsmanship between a great idea and a great product"

Steve Jobs

We Are 8Forwards

We are sitting in an era of numerous technology inventions and huge pace of change. We are sitting in a world which needs next level of inventions to sustain itself. We are recreating this world in one life time frames. We can hate it, try and fight it or embrace it. It needs effectiveness not efficiency, It needs innovation not perdictability. It needs leaders not heroes or managers.

We proudly call ourselves a Digital + Agile transformation company.

We have come from corporate structures and have executed to enterprise process models. We have succeeded and we have failed. What we have come to believe is in this era we need a different mindset, different approach to handling innovation work and a different perspective towards design and technology solution to succeed. We are discovering it and building on that learning with every work we undertakae and every client we service. It is getting better and it is succeeding. Which makes us beleive we are on the right path.

We would be delighted in working with you on your journey towards agility & digitisation.

If it is helping you transform mindset of your leadership and larger engineering teams, so that they approach towards solution development and knowledge worker enablement in a different way, we can just do that using Management 3.0 concepts, Agile Leadership, Learning Organisation and Intrinsic motivation models.

If it is re-hashing your processes to make them more Agile and Lean using industry proven frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP, SAFe, DAD or LeSS and adapting them to your specific needs. We have just done that for a few large clients and we can bring that experience to you.

If it is help with newer technologies you need. Wherein a real flexible product definition and an emergent solution archtiecture which can support iterative and incremental cycles of innovation. Engage with us for just that. We will build Product definitions using latest tools and techniques like Design Thinking, Growth Hacking, Lean Startup Model, Agile and Lean UX, Business Canvas, User Personas, Story Maps and many more.

We are neither the experts nor we know it all. But we do beleive working with people with similar mindset, we are and we can recreate this world in our life times. One organisation, one product, one team at a time.

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Upcoming Events

25 02, 2016

SAFe 4.0 Agilist Training In Gurgaon

SAFe 4.0 Agilist 2 days training with real life case studies and SAFe certification. Sign up by 21st Jan to avail early bird pricing.

19 03, 2016

SAFe 4.0 Agilist Training In Bengaluru

SAFe 4.0 Agilist 2 days training with real life case studies and SAFe certification in Bengaluru. Sign up by 18th Feb to avail early bird pricing.

27 06, 2016

Global Scrum Gathering

Global Scrum gathering at Bengaluru.June 27-29, 2016 at hotel Shangri-la Bengaluru.