Our Key Teams Members

Managing Consulant - Agile & Digital

Thought leader with two decades in the IT industry discovering technology and then applying it for success across business domains. Specialise in working with System Integrators, Captives, Start-Up Organisations and Individuals to help them become more effective. This typically means training, coaching and consulting in Agile & Lean methods, enabling Engineering practices, DevOps tooling and architecting lean solutions using latest digital technology.

Principal Consulant - Web & Mobility

Over 17 years of Information Technology experience. Areas of expertise include online retail and enterprise architecture with J2EE / SOA-based designs. Specializes in Oracle Retail Products and has been providing end to end commerce technology guidance to customers. In his career he managed and delivered projects in the area of Retail, Telcom, Media and Travel services.

Development & UX Lead

11 years of experience in development of intuitive and easy-to-use web and mobile applications and application integration. Having worked with some leading IT system integrators in the past exposed to latest technologies through their evolution to the current digital age. Starting from Java, .NET, through Web2.0, Enterprise- wide technologies, up to the most recent Single Page Architecture JS frameworks to Android and iOS App development.


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We have all had different paths to get here but the journey has made us all value – using technology to enable the real business need product fulfills, relentless focus on quality without which no code scales and an eye on the scarcest resource – time, in this always on digital world. These are our personal values but also the north star this organization is guided by.

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