Define Right Products

You have a great idea or know exactly a business problem which needs to get solved but taking it to the market requires breaking it down and prioritizing it right. If you cant get everything you need to know what you exactly need. Broken down idea then needs to get enabled by a solution which is quick yet scalable. Last but not the least idea and solution needs to get communicated to all involved. Our product definition team of domain experts as well as solution architecture professionals will work with you to ideate, refine and then develop solutions, but in an emergent manner.

Enable Your Enterprise

For delivering this solution in quick iterations and get some real feedback to “pivot or persevere “ you would need a team who has internalized Agile principles and is well aware of iterative or continuous delivery methods. We can help you with that with our various practice based learning programs and hands on coaching. If the team requires a head start via experienced delivery and technology professionals who can come and sit with your teams – we do it with very experience consultants part of our team. This can be augmented by small SWOT teams for a focused problem area in Engineering, DevOps or others

Realize Products

If you want us to set up a team to develop the product side by side your teams or independently we have some real strong developers available in custom web, ecommerce and mobile development. Lot of these people leave and breather technology and are always on the look out for cutting edge technologies which help solve a business problem well and quickly. Utilize our work force to realize products !


  • Ideate & Refine

    Product Definition
    Lean UX
    Emergent Arch.

    Design Thinking

  • Build & Deploy

    Product Increments

    Agile And Lean Development

  • Persevere & Scale

    Digital Marketing
    Monitoring & Support
    Pivotor Persevere

    Growth Hacking


Product Definition

With extensive back ground in digital technologies applied to various business domains like retail, telecommunications, travel, banking, high-tech and others we can help define the product idea using Lean-Startup principles. Typical Deliverables include Business Context Diagrams, Story Maps & Product Backlogs.

Technology Selection

With a deep product experience within the group ranging from top of the line commercial off the shelf products to open source products and frameworks, we would work to find an appropriate product stack fitment to your needs. This would be unbiased and impartial selection based on your real needs and customer value. This can be accelerated by our pre-created various product comparison matrices specially in the areas of ecommerce, search and analytics. Typical Deliverables include product comparison matrices, product stack and integration view.

Product Increments

With strong belief in getting business value out in the shortest amount of time we utilize appropriate mix of Agile methods like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe or DAD to get product increments delivered iteratively or continuously in production. Usually requires very transparent approach of working with continuous communication and collaboration among all involved. Typical deliverables would include production ready quality code and associating dashboards and reports usually automatically generated with right use of tools as we go along.

Digital Marketing

To increase the reach of the product age digital channel is the primary mechanism. We would usually cover under this Search Engine Optimization, Email Campaigns, Social Media Presence and Listening, Mobile Marketing & Analytics. Typical deliverables would include Digital Strategy and Plans but we can also manage the digital presence for you if you so wish.

Agile UX

Creative professionals experienced in producing intuitive designs and simplified information architecture, The aim being to unify developers and designers in the Agile process of product development. Typical deliverables include user journey maps, graphic designs,, wireframes, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 code fragments and complete prototype applications.

Emergent Architecture

We have been there and done that. A few times. Will help map the product definition and evolution, to a lightweight and flexible emergent architecture. This would typically not be a pure theoretical document but an executable architecture backed up by product spikes to validate selection and inter-operation of products and frameworks. Typical Deliverables include Logical Architecture, Physical / Deployment Architecture and if required an Executable Architectural Iteration executed.

Engineering & DevOps

For continuous or iterative delivery it requires a mature underlying development infrastructure and engineering practices ecosystem. This would typically include – static analysis quality tooling, unit testing, continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), integrated quality dashboards, non functional testing and optimization. Typical deliverables would include quality dashboards, release notes, environment run-books, performance testing strategy and load profiles.

Monitoring & Support

Business to infrastructure level monitoring including but not limited to user experience monitoring, transaction monitoring, application performance monitoring, middleware, DB and infrastructure resource monitoring. Typical deliverables would be monitoring dashboards and reports.