Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

First focus on the mind-set. Use Emergn’s Value Flow Quality practice based learning to educate people on the basis and relevance of Agile methods in complex Digital landscape

Put simple visualization in place to understand causes of delays and inefficiencies in the end to end value stream. If you cant measure the causes of delays you cant improve them.

Having understood the people, work and key causes of delays choose from appropriate methods available. Educate people on methods chosen and make suitable adaptations. Remember it is people over processes.

Provide hands on coaching to mentor people in the right ways of applying various practices, techniques and tools to execute to the chosen method(s) and its adaptation.

Agile Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Strategy

We approach digital transformation using Design Thinking as a basis. Every product which we develop and enhance needs to be considered across three dimensions Desirability, Feasibility and Viability. All three aspects need to be managed and monitored for a succesful product

A typical digital strategy would start from discovering needs of your customer and then going beyond. Using techniques like Business Canvas, Lean Canvas, User Personas, Value Stream Maps and Story Maps intention is to achieve the best problem-solution fit. Typical digital solution areas we would focus on include but not limited to UX Strategy, Omnichannel commerce, digital marketing, search, mobile analytics and flexible enablement using cloud based SAAS and PAAS technologies.

Quick customer validation is achieved by involving customers as soon as possible in the product development cycle and various Growth Hacking techniques. Intention is to achieve a great market fitment.

Once we have an idea(s) which sticks and we want to persevere with we would work with you to develop go-to-market strategies and scaling using Digital marketing and other techniques.